Test Honda Hornet 600 2011

It takes little to rediscover a motorcycle. The 2011 vintage of the CB 600 F Hornet does not disrupt the line, but it nevertheless brings to this medium cylinder roadster that was missing: a look at the style of the day and a barrel price: from $ 8978.27 ((€ 6490)) ( Prices start in late February 2011). What do you crack?Definitely!

It was nice to be a journalist or just particular tester looking for his future acquisition, it is sometimes necessary to look at bikes with a fresh eye. This applies to the Honda CB 600 F Hornet 600 alias new model. Assume that this bike is a discovery and not the total facelift of the current middleweight roadster.Imagine that during its European launch, we are in Italy, near Rome and Lake Bracciano, on the delineation of roads sometimes mountainous terrain and the state particularly varied. Now let a troop of Hornet 600 2011 and see the result ... You follow?

A look and a spirit house

There is no denying the Hornet 600 2011 can not deny his relationship with the Honda CB 1000 R , the flagship roadster range.Even a nose fairing, the instrumentation or hull rear as well say that we are here in familiar territory, at least making the obvious descent. It would absent the scoops on the CB 600 F, it might even confuse the two sisters saw them move quickly. Flattering! The aesthetic details are yet numerous, and the choices made by the office of European style to the less fortunate. Evidence of this review through details.
Less daring than the 1000 (which does not leave indifferent!), The optical gain in this simplification some visual impact. The optics before being topped with a "cap" means a strengthening device "look" of the motorcycle and its identity, it is possible to extend this small optionally windshield. Pleasant. There is as such in the catalog of options Honda model more pointed cap increasing both the protection and visual impact (see photo), while acting as sun screens block instrumentation. The compact digital meter takes place in this optical effect, and it integrates perfectly. Pleasant and readable despite its small size and inclination, it is only about a few highlights that we can correct ... For the rest, is faultless. Treatment-related silver fork inverted, we immediately appreciated the visual impact of this new front.

The tank in milder form, is particularly worked. It easily accommodates the legs of a driver 1, 80m, he dismisses moderately. Note the prominent right engine casing that may hinder them big feet or when we put the leg along the motor stopped. The tapered rear seat raised and also discusses the current line. Fire is a success for its part, very visible, it integrates perfectly parking light and brake lights. The loop back is nice, spicy, visually very effective, especially the evidence that the finesse and sportsmanship are compatible with functionality. And passenger handles they are integrated into the rear seat. Good size, further, they hold very well in hand ... At least if you have arms long enough to reach them. As such, the passenger is comfortable position, legs moderately folded and the seat rather comfortable despite a fine saddle. A point to be confirmed however in a longer trial or a comparative. Note that the saddle piece once removed allows access to a small chest to accommodate U-lock type of modest size (original Honda ...). One can be modern, it does not forget to be practical. Score one for the Hornets!

Engine: an effective punch!

We can say what you want the engine of the Hornet 600, but one thing premium: the sensations and pleasure. Just as there is often blamed for some Honda linearity in motor behavior, as that of CB 600 F is pleasant at all levels and for all levels (of conduct). He even gives voice easily through its exhaust its metal placed in the down position. A further contribute to driving pleasure. Admittedly, the sound is muffled, but clear information on the engine and amplifies the effect of the rise in the towers. The vibrations are also present in both feet that is in the grips, allowing the passage of the bike feel the soles of the feet than hands.
Discreet during the backswing between 1,500 and 5,000 rpm, either conventional schemes in the city, then the engine takes advantage of a breath of fresh air to flirt with deeper tones during a break in times located at around 6,000 rpm. A deep breath before taking off some 2,000 rpm higher. From there, racing. 9 to over 13,000 rpm, the engine lets openly detonated his sporty. Suffice to say that the landscape begins to scroll very quickly and felt the sharp thrust could not be nicer! The approval, precisely, is ideal for this capacity. Here a motor "well filled", as he is wont to say. In town, flexibility and responsiveness of the engine are an asset. Progressive and lively at the time, it allows precise control of its paces. Flexibility that is found on all reports, a force for such "small" engine.Thus, to move about 1,000 rpm and less than 50 km / h on the sixth and final report does not pose any problem. Later times, we are not complaining either ...Especially as the box is nice despite the lack of miles on it (around 800). Orders remain in the hand positioned a little high for our liking, but nothing that can not be overcome by turning the key of 8 (repositioning levers) or a small adjustment period.

Chassis: evidence

Speaking of position, we are glad to handle this CB 600 F. The shape of the saddle and thickness provide footholds in better during acceleration, down the legs easily along its flank, and the coating provides a good grip ... Short as 1.65 m exceeded, it is comfortable. Feet square to the shoulders, arms falling on a light steering and natural, CB 600 F evolves in town without making a fuss. Only mirrors require a good setting to show the thing half the body of the driver. Intuitive and instinctive, it neutralizes the difficulties, noting in passing along another Honda engine, the CBF 600, and the look of nervousness and more.
Weight distribution, stability and quality of amortization (adjustable, by the way), however, speak once with the back roads "in turns" on the shores of Lake Bracciano. The Hornets showed himself very nicely suspended, shock absorbing low amplitude and large, erasing the potholes and whatnot Transalpine Road. A significant dose of comfort in this kind of machine, showing a rare homogeneity in the production, especially at this price level. Not to mention quality of sportbike tire: Bridgestone BT012 imperial and catchy, with excellent feedback. They have frequently saved the day on Italian roads. Because that is where the Hornet has delivered its full potential: the execrable roads surrounding Rome. Slippery roads, highways and corrugated sleeve on which we throw ourselves without fear riding the beautiful. Rigorous, it stays the course and never wavered, displaying a nice neutrality. Suddenly, you find yourself regularly out his knee, as in literally throw in curves more or less tight. Here is a chassis that allows many things, including some mistakes, easily corrected. All the more easily we will choose the version ABS / CBS. Once again, the brake system coupled Honda convinces and wins our vote. He knows as well be discreet as offering extra security not negligible. Light touch, ABS Honda considerably shortens stopping distances while leaving the driver's hand long before tripping.Braking power is at the rendezvous. Even CBS (link) is prfil bottom curves negotiated with the foot brake does not straighten the bike weigh down excessively or management.

Go again

It is perhaps not new in substance, it is cons in shape, and the Hornet 600 2011 is no less a success. New fork crown, accommodated in a house full instrumentation and modern, graceful and slender tail, it was enough to revive the career less of this roadster endearing and unfairly snubbed for aesthetic reasons and pricing (it was expensive .. .). At least here and a "detail": the price. Moved to $ 8978.27 ($ 8978.27 (€ 6,490)) $ 9808.31 (€ 7,090)$ $ 830.04 (€ 600)98$ 8990.72 (€ 6499)08$ 8299.02 (€ 5,999).3$ 15217.4 (€ 11,000)1 () without ABS and with (be $ 830.04 ()), the Hornets needed new generation and impresses. The GSR 600 ($ 8990.72 () to 01/02/11) and other FZ6 and XJ6 (6599 and $ 8299.02 () at 01/02/11) have finally found their most direct competitor as possible in the Honda range, and the latter is not there to amuse the ground. If she can be calm and deliberate, the Hornet 600 2011 has indeed nothing to fear on the road, not even a competition Z750 standard, nor an FZ8, which it opposes his power of 102 horsepower, its Lightweight and amortization onions. The CB 600 F is even an economical alternative for lovers of CB1000 R lack of funding. Displayed some $ 15217.4 () off promotion, CB1000 R becomes a loss leader. Beginners will also enjoy an audacious gesture of goodwill from Honda France. For as we called the staff e Honda during the presentation "in Italy for example, the new Hornet is much, much more expensive than at home ..." Why miss out?
What changes from the 2009/2010 model

Optical multi-reflector headlight, dual bulb and polycarbonate lens. Part redesigned rear, sleeker and more inclined, including the passenger handles analog instrumentation onboard compact, fuller style revised and reworked to trim (crossover digital tachometer, speedometer, tripmeter, fuel gauge and shows )

New look
Approval and engine character
Chassis uniform and adjustable cushioning
Launch Price! ($ 8978.27 ($ 8978.27 (€ 6,490)))
Protection of the fork head

Negative Points
Vibrations for those who dislike ...
Adjusting the mirrors ...
Selective trunk (locks) and trunk

Accessories for the Hornet 600 2011Aesthetic
- Windshield High
- Rear fender coordinated
- Wheel arch coordinated
- Dress dashboard gold
- Logos "Honda Wing" embossed
- Mock stickers rims
- Covers coordinated passenger seat

Aspartic and protection
- Dress crankcase coordinated
- Elastic net (luggage)
- Alarm Averto
- Paddock stand
- Lock U
- Outer Cover
- Various games protections Tank

- Heated grips

Technical details of the 2011 Hornet

Type: 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, DOHC 16-valve, water cooled
Displacement: 599 cm3
Bore x Stroke: 67 x 42.5 mm
Compression ratio: 12-1
Max. : 75 kW at 12 000 rpm (95/1/EC)
Maximum torque. : 63.5 Nm at 10 500 rpm (95/1/EC)
Idling speed: 1350 rpm
Oil Capacity: 3.5 liters

Type electronic injection: PGM-FI
Bore diameter: 36 mm
Fuel capacity: 19 liters (including low fuel to 4 liters)

Digital ignition with electronic advance
Ignition timing 10 ° BTDC (idle) ~ 60 ° BTDC (13,500 rpm)
Candle CR9EH-9 (NGK); U27FER-9 (ND)
Electric Start
Battery 12 V / 8.6 Ah
Alternator 316 W
Lighthouse 12V 55W x 1 (low) / 55W x 1 (road)


Multiplate wet clutch
Mechanical control cable
Gearbox 6-speed
Primary Reduction 2111 (76/36)
Reports 1 2,750 (33/12)
2 1,938 (31/16)
3 1,556 (28/18)
4 1,348 (31/23)
5 1,208 (29/24)
6 1.095 (23/21)
Final Reduction 2.688 (43/16)

Final drive Chain O-ring sealed 525

Mono-backbone type cast aluminum gravity
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2150740 x 1075 mm
Wheelbase: 1435 mm
Angle: 25 °
Hunting: 99 mm
Seat height: 800 mm
Ground clearance: 135 mm
Wet Weight: n / a
Carrying Capacity: max. Nc
Weight: n / a

Type Front Fork 41 mm inverted HMAS cartridge, adjustable preload, 120mm
Rear monoshock adjustable for preload (7 positions), travel 128 mm

Type cast aluminum 5-spoke
Wheels Front 17M / C x MT3, 50
Rear 17M / C x MT5, 50
Front: 120/70 ZR17M / C (58W). Pressure 250 kPa
Rear: 180/55 ZR17M / C (73W). Pressure 290 kPa

Type Front dual hydraulic disc 296 x 4.5 mm with 2 piston calipers (* 3-piston calipers and C-ABS) and sintered metal pads
Rear hydraulic disc 240 x 5 mm with single piston caliper (* C-ABS) and sintered metal pads

* ABS version

Test conducted in February 2011


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